Fundraising is Easy Bridging The Gap Between Founders and Investors.

Fuise is a free database search engine tool for founders to find the right investors. Fuise has helped around 50+ startups in connecting with the right investors including Jason Calacanis, Calm Fund, Allied Venture, Antler, Duke Angel Network and other prominent angel investors & VCs globally.

What’s Best About Fuise?

1. Find the Right Investors for your startup.

Fuise has a database of global venture capital firms & angel investors. You can download the free database of investors that matches your startup thesis.

2. For Founders - Help In Fundraising

Leverage Fuise's expertise to connect with the right investors.

Please submit the form. Our team reviews your company and will be in touch within 24 hours. If your idea captures our interest, we will share your deal with our extensive network of personal investors.

3. For Investors - Get Quality Of Startup Deals

Get Access to the quality of startup deals that matches your investment thesis.

**Please submit the form**. Our team review your profile and will be in touch within 24 hours to gain a better understanding of your investment thesis. Upon verification, you will receive a weekly offering of 1-2 pre-due diligence startup deals.

How Does it Work?

Simple and Powerful Solution to Find the Right Investors & Quality Startups.

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