We Write, Design and Model Your Pitch Deck

Pitch Deck Writing & Design Services For Pre-Seed to Series B Companies

Fuise Pitch Deck Development Services

We're here to help you create an amazing presentation. We've been involved in the investor deck writing and design of over 100 startups. We’ve worked with many that have raised more than $1 million combined.

Sample of our designed decks

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The Process - Pitch Deck Writing + Design Projects

Make your pitch deck into a storyteller book within 4-5 days.

1/3: Briefing:

Fill out the form & get on a Call with one of our experts where the client is expected to answer questions and provide information about your solution, business model, GTM Strategy and fundraising.

2/3: Writing:

Our team drafts all content on a Word document with design prompts. After verification with the founders and the team, approved content is locked and moved to the design stage.

3/3: Designing:

Our design expert enhances the pitch deck with storytelling. After internal verification, the team gathers founder feedback. Upon approval, the pitch deck is shared with the founders in an editable format.

Pitch deck consulting packages

Brief our team on your startup and we’ll write a compelling story and design an impactful deck.

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